Getting advising early in your program is so important for graduating in a timely fashion that we require all students to receive advising in their first year.  You’ll receive an e-mail notification in plenty of time.  But see an advisor anytime you have questions; all have drop-in office hours for which no appointment is necessary.  Please note that if you are a B.A. student, your core advisor and your concentration advisor may not be the same person.   For advisor contact information, scroll down this page. 

NRMC (B.S. degree students): You’ll have the same advisor for core and concentration.  See the advisor you’re assigned to based on the first letter of your last name.

     A-M     Prof. Carlos Davidson

      N-Z      Prof. Autumn Thoyre

ESS  (B.S. degree students.  The ESS degree is no longer offered, so this applies to already-enrolled students only.)  See Prof. Carlos Davidson for questions about the ESS core;  Prof. Jason Gurdak for questions about choosing concentration courses.

B.A. students:

      ESSJ emphasis:  Prof. Liz Brown, Prof. Glenn Fieldman or Prof. Joel Kassiola for both core and emphasis courses

      TUE emphasis:  Prof. Raquel Pinderhughes for both core and emphasis; Prof. Elizabeth Brown (backup)

      HUM emphasis:  For ENVS core advising, see Profs. Autumn Thoyre or Elizabeth Brown.  For emphasis advising, see Prof. Sami Reist.

For questions about your concentration see your concentration advisor:

  • ESSJ – Liz Brown, Glenn Fieldman or Joel Kassiola
  • NRMC – Liz Brown or Glenn Fieldman 
  • Humanities –  Nancy (Sami) Reist and (Liz Brown and Glenn Fieldman backup)
  • ESS – Jason Gurdak, or for the ESS chemical analysis emphasis - Tomoko Komada
  • Urban--Raquel Rivera Pinderhughes

For questions about study abroad and getting into ENVS please see Liz Brown. 

Advisor Office Hours for Spring 2018

Please note: all office hours listed are drop-in hours, no appointment needed

Liz Brown, Director of PACE, Associate Professor & ENVS Advisor
HSS 261
(415) 405-2692

Office hours: T 12:30pm-2:00pm and W 10:00am-12:30pm, or by appt.

Carlos Davidson, Professor & ENVS Advisor
HSS 332
(415) 405-2127
Office hours: T 11:15am -11:45am, W 1:45pm -3:15pm, TH 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm & by appt.

Glenn Fieldman, Associate Professor, ENVS Program Coordinator and ESSJ Advisor
HSS 330
(415) 405-2431

Office hours:  FIRST Monday of the month, from Feb-May (Feb. 5, March 5, April 2, May 7) 

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm, and THURSDAY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Autumn Thoyre, Assistant Professor 

Office: HSS 339
Phone: 415-338-1015

Office hours:  M 12:00pm-2:00pm; W 11:00am--12:00pm and by appointment

Jason Gurdak, Assistant Professor of Geosciences, ESS Advisor
TH 538
(415) 338-6869
Office hours: TBA

Joel Kassiola, Professor of Political Science, ESSJ Advisor
HUM 539
(415) 338-3463
Office hours: TBA

Tomoko Komada, Professor of Chemical Oceanography, ESS Chemical Analysis Advisor
TH 823
(415) 338-3748
Office hours: TBA

Nancy (Sami) Reist, Professor of BECA, HUM Advisor
HUM 253
(415) 338-2241
Office hours:  TBA

Raquel Rivera Pinderhughes, Professor of Urban Studies, Urban Advisor
HSS 137
(415) 338-7520
Office hours: TBA