New Curriculum - Effective Fall 2013


As many of you know, a new ENVS BA curriculum has been approved by the Academic Senate and will go into effect in Fall 2013. Please note that the existing BS concentrations (NRMC and ESS) remain unchanged for now.

Students admitted in Fall 2013 and later will be enrolled in this new curriculum and should follow the advising grids listed below.

Please read on to see how the new program may affect you. We recommend addressing this sooner than later as it may influence how you choose your classes. 


BA Curriculum Changes

    *  The new curriculum moves from three separate BA concentrations to one BA in Environmental Studies with a shared core    curriculum and three emphases, which have the same names and many of the same courses as the current concentrations.

    *  The number of required units has been reduced by 12, so that all three emphases require a total of 45-50 units  - 34-38 of those units will be in the shared core courses and electives, and 11-12 units will be in the emphasis courses. 

    *  The new curriculum requires ENVS 224, Research Methods, as part of the core electives. There are other changes in the core electives as well.

    *  In the new program, you can no longer "double count" courses between the core, major electives, and the emphases.


New Advising Grids

Emphasis in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice (ESSJ)

Emphasis in Humanities & the Environment (HUM)

Emphasis in The Urban Environment (TUE)


What This Means for Current ENVS Majors

We highly recommend that your first step is evaluate your completed coursework against both curricula. You can pull up your DARS or transcript (available at and evaluate how the courses you have already taken apply under each set of requirements. The advising grids for the new curriculum are above and the current grids are online. Once you have completed this evaluation, you can then choose to stay in the current curriculum or change to the new version.


Option 1  No changes in your requirements - You may continue taking classes according to the requirements in the current curriculum. You have the right to follow the bulletin requirements for the year that you started college or any year after that until the year you graduate.


Option 2  Switch to the new curriculum - If you find that you will graduate faster or prefer the newer version, you can begin using the 2013-2014 bulletin requirements. You will also then be committing to the GE requirements for 2013-2014, so it is a good idea to look at those as well. To change to the new curriculum, you should submit a change of major form that indicates you are moving to a BA in Environmental Studies and write 2013-2014 for the bulletin year. Bring this form to the ENVS office in HSS 210. This will update your DARS with the new requirements so you can track your progress.


Please note, you cannot mix the two programs.  You need to choose one or the other.


ENVS faculty advisors are available to help you with this transition and with any questions you may have. You can also send questions to