Local Resources

Getting to know your local community is an important part of environmentalism. It is important to know when and where your local farmer’s market takes place, where the nearest recycling center or donated goods drop-off location is located. There are also many locally based organizations that deal with environmental and social justice issues that may be of concern to you. Search the following links to get to know some of the organizations near SFSU. If you know of an organization that should be on this list but isn’t, please email us at envs@sfsu.edu.

Most of the organizations listed are local, but a few are national or even international. Some of the national and international ones have local offices. Many of the organizations listed have participated in events - symposia, conferences, teach-ins, etc. at SFSU.

Listing of these organizations does not imply endorsement of them. Views, opinions and the veracity of statements of fact on any of these websites are the responsibility of the respective websites.